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Episode 99 [in English]: Stay Classy

Intesar Toufic (scholar, writer, percussionist, online personality, and so much more) joins us to talk about the Lebanese revolution.  Later in the conversation, we manage to switch to the topic of fetishes.  A helping of revolution and a serving of kinks on Valentine’s Day just seems like the right thing.  Intesar was so much fun and informative to talk to – enjoy!

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Art by: James Stewart Art (Follow Malforma Art on FB)

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  1. Anna

    The person who said “my sister is home alone” is not my ally. The person who offered their sister, had the offer not been laughed off, inflicted trauma on my family that will likely even reach my children, if I choose to subject another human to a reality in which a woman home alone can be offered in this way. That was a horrendous thing to say and you should all be ashamed for laughing it off.

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