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Episode 15 in Arabic: Aseel & “You be You”!

الحلقه ١٥ بالعربي: لقاء مع اسيل الحمصي. تكلمنا عن تجربه اسيل في ترجمه كتاب “كن نفسك” إلى اللغه العربي. الكتاب يشرح مفاهيم الجندر و الحب بصوره مبسطه.

Arabic episode 15: An interview with Aseel Houmsse. We talked about Aseel’s experience translating “You Be You,” a book explaining gender, love, and family, to Arabic.

Book by Jonathan Branfman (Author), Julie Benbassat (Illustrator), Aseel Houmsse (Translator)

To purchase this book, go to:

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