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Episode 85 in English: Heels that Heal

Our featured guest of this episode is a mover in every sense of the word!  Anthony Nakhle, a professional dancer from Beirut and a world traveler, came on to talk to us.  It was an incredible honor; we (fellow dancer/choreographer, Nadia Khayrallah + Alia) got to discuss what makes Anthony most excited about his work, the training and dedication that has led him to this stage of his life, and more.

Anthony began his training at Caracalla Dance School in Lebanon; he now teaches and performs in Lebanon and around the world.  To touch on just a couple of the many highlights of his career, Anthony reached the semi-finals of So You Think You Can Dance Middle East, and he recently spent a year in Las Vegas in Cirque du Soleil – Zumanity.  Anthony frequently works and travels with Yanis Marshall, French dancer & choreographer.  Both Yanis and Anthony specialize in heels dancing/choreo.

Thank you to Nadia for coming up with the perfect title for this episode!

The best way to follow Anthony:
Check out his Instagram @anthonynakhle9

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Episode 84 in English: Shamir!

Shamir, fellow introvert, exceptional singer-songwriter, and actor, joined Ellie, Alia, and guest co-host Miriam Hakim!  He also started his own record label.  After a brief Twitter exchange, Shamir was kind enough to sacrifice sleep (more than he already does) to talk with us!  The connection during the recording was instant – talking to Shamir felt like talking to someone we’ve known for a long time.  We discussed how gendered choir is, the significance of the dissonance-turned-harmony in Shamir’s music, and his upcoming tour with Sleater-Kinney.  We also got to talk about queerness, Islam, and the intersection of those two things.  We touched on Shamir’s love of country music and how, as a person of color, access to the country music scene is less than ideal.  Enjoy this episode – thank you again to Shamir for spending this hour with us.

If you don’t already follow Shamir on social media, that’s a problem:
IG: shamir326
Twitter: ShamirBailey

If you don’t already follow Miriam Hakim, that’s also a problem:
IG: kuzbaramusic & giantkittyband

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