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Episode 64: Noon Fest, Part 1 – Meet Erkxn

Noon Festival in Berlin has begun!  This is Germany’s first festival centering queer, of colour and Muslim identity.  It started on May 15 and will continue until the 31st!  Erkxn Affan has been organizing this along with be’kech Berlin, and Erkxn curated the festival.  It was wonderful talking to them and hearing about their background, about the importance of having a festival like this in Berlin specifically, and more. 

Coinciding both with the Holy Month of Ramadan and Queer History Month, all proceeds of this festival will be going towards the Black & Pink Crescent: an NGO supporting incarcerated queer and trans Muslims of color. Check out their work here:

See more about the festival here: 

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Episode 19 in Arabic: Adam Darko!

الحلقه ١٩ بالعربي: لقاء مع ادم داركو. شاب #عابر_جنسيا من #الجزائرى و يوتوبر . تكلمنا عن نشاه ادم في الجزائر. قصه عبوره و رحلته إلى مكان أقامته الجديد في #كندا.

Arabic Episode 19: An interview with Adam Darko: Adam is an #Algerian #TransMan and Youtuber. We talked about Adam’s experience growing up in #Algeria, his transition, and the incredible journey to his current home in #Canada.
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Episode 63 in English: Chai with Ellie & Alia

Ellie and Alia talked about the show Ramy, read and answered a question from a wonderful listener, and talked about the experience of podcasting in the past year and how it has affected us.  It’s been a great year and we look forward to more of them with you all!



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