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Episode 55 in English: Quinte55ential Quinn!

We got to talk to Quinn Fati, a beautifully badass human we met last year at Yallapunk.  They’re a visual artist and a musician; during this episode, we talked about exploring different areas of art throughout life and how important it is to allow oneself to do that.  We also talked about body hair and how everyone should feel free to keep or get rid of their own body hair in the way they goddamn want!  We discussed the process of coming out as trans, about our love for Yallapunk, and more.  Quinn also shared about how their Persian-American identity influenced various aspects of their life.  Basically, we talked about some of the quintessential qualities of Quinn (ok using the letter “Q” this much is super fun).  It was so nice hanging out with Quinn again (remotely this time, but hopefully soon in person)!  By the way, as you’ll hear on the episode, we thought we would meet up in Austin this weekend, but it’s not happening after all because life does shit like that sometimes.  We love Quinn and can’t wait to see each other again in the near future.

Follow Quinn on Instagram @salmanrushdieofficial

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Episode 54 in English: Alireza in Beirut

Alireza Shojaian is an incredible artist from Iran who is living in Beirut.  One of our recent guests – Munir – was kind enough to get us in touch with him!  We were destined to talk to him, as it turns out that we had seen his work in New York City last year at Mark for Redaction (check out the episode from that event here:   Alireza’s queer-centered art provokes emotions that are lasting and that will linger in the back of your mind for a long time after encountering it.
An example is “Season Salad” confronts the painful reality for many people who feel disconnected or disoriented with their bodies due to their sexuality or identity.  So many of us can relate to this.  This series will validate those feelings in a very powerful way.
Follow Alireza on Instagram @alirezash0jaian
Here’s a great article about his work: 

Hamed Sinno et un de ses Frères’ Acrylic and Color Pencil on Wood Board
Photo credit: Tareck Raffoul

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Episode 16 in Arabic: Update from Lebanon with Hadi Damien

Arabic Episode 16: An update from #Lebanon with Hadi Damien (Beirut Pride’s Coordinator). We talked about the media in #Lebanon, legal updates regarding #Grinder, and the pending bill regarding #HIV.

الحلقه ١٦ بالعربي: مستجدات من لبنان من هادي داميان (منسق بيروت برايد). تكلمنا عن مستجدات الإعلام في #لبنان و القضايا القانونية المتعلقة ب #غرايندر والقانون المقترح بصدد فيروس نقص المناعة المكتسب.

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