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Episode 180 [in English]: Grief Houses

Caitlin Abadir-Mullally (kt) is a Coptic-American installation and social practice artist based in Philadelphia. She works to create communities for those who live between spaces. Her research dives into fear, hybridity, queerness, collective thinking, grief, and cultural loss. Caitlin Abadir-Mullally works in sculpture, performance, and relationship building. Caitlin Abadir-Mullally is pursuing a master’s degree in library and information science with a focus in archival studies. She is passionate about documenting diasporic queer Southwest Asian and North Afrikan joy and complexity, and the agency of the living to decide how their narratives are preserved.

We were so excited to have Caitlin back on the podcast since her first episode almost three years ago! She discussed her current series Grief Houses, which explores loss through the lens of tomb desecration in Egypt and the burning of uninhabited houses during Detroit’s housing crisis. She also talked about her move to Philly, her residency with YallaPunk focused on building a community archive, and what it means to be an archivist working outside of violent colonial traditions.

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Episode 179 [in English]: Mikey Amman

We wrapped up 2021 with a wonderful conversation with Mikey Amman, fellow Capricorn, who is working in higher ed; we talked about the importance of filling the roles of educators with people who will advocate for, and relate to, the students they serve.  We discussed the challenges of navigating that system as a queer Arab; we also touched on finding the balance between honoring our queerness and staying in touch with our cultures in meaningful, fulfilling ways.
Additionally, Mikey told us about the Britney fan group he started (the largest Facebook group for Britney fans!) and the community so many people still find within it.

(By the way, for any inquiring minds:  after this recording, Mikey found out he is a Leo moon!  Alia is a Sagittarius moon and Ellie is a Capricorn moon.)


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Episode 178 [in English]: The return of Rolla Selbak!

Rolla Selbak is a Palestinian-American filmmaker, writer, and director whose work has pushed boundaries of representation for Arab, Muslim, and queer characters. We were so excited to have her back to catch up since her first episode, right at the beginning of the pandemic.

Rolla’s recent projects include the short film “Finjan” (which you can watch online now) and “Ya Bint”, a dramedy TV series co-created with Dina Shihabi (currently in the works).

Rolla discussed the new experience of writing for a producer’s studio after working in the indie scene and adapting to expectations about what mainstream audiences might want to see. We also talked about Rolla’s recent wedding, ad targeting and censorship on social media, how we watch forms of art that we work in, Carol Baskin and more!


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