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Episode 215 [in English]: A Whole Lot of Stuff

We’re back with an episode with Alia, Ellie, and Nadia talking about:

– An incredible show Nadia saw called LINES about the interconnected histories of Palestine, Uganda, and the UK through prison systems 

– Participating in Palestine protests and college encampments around us (and how college students are doing a better job of building a movement as they go than most of us)

– Why protests and direct action can sometimes be *good* for mental health, actually

– Nadia’s organizing work with @dancers_for_palestine

– Anti-BDS laws, anti-protest laws, and anti-bail fund laws across the US

– Alia goes to @laylitparty and it feels like a rally without cops

– Our experiences with acupuncture, cupping, chiropractors and more 

– The betrayal of a close friend becoming transphobic

– Wanting practical examples of how to implement restorative justice around abuse in community spaces (let us know if you know)

– Calls for travel boycotts of the UAE regarding arms deals fueling the genocide in Sudan – and wondering about the possibility of a more comprehensive boycott movement (let us know if you know)

We parasocially missed you and hope you enjoy!

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