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Episode 2: Saudi Arabia 101, cats, and more

Woo!  Episode 2 is here and we talk about a variety of topics.  Saudi Arabia, an upcoming Arab Netflix show, and cat baths are just a few of them.  Enjoy! Like with episode 1, we apologize for the annoying sound quality.  This is something we’re working to improve (better equipment is coming)!

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Episode 1: Who are these people?

Ahlan!  Hello and welcome.  You’ve just found your way to our brand new website featuring our brand new podcast, The Queer Arabs!  The two of us who are hosting and producing this podcast are – you guessed it – queer and Arab.  We’re both very excited to be starting something that we feel is a needed and necessary space.  While we are in the process of getting our web page designed and this podcast up and running on all your favorite podcast apps, we want to at least put out our first introductory episode.  Thank you for listening, and we welcome any and all feedback.  If there is ever a topic you want us to discuss, please let us know – we’re open to all suggestions.  Our email address is [email protected]; Facebook page is The Queer Arabs Podcast; you can also comment on our posts with questions, suggestions, and all that good stuff.  Thank you again for being here.

On this episode, we introduce ourselves, explain what inspired us to finally start this podcast, and we have some fun beginners’ level echoing issues (sorry about that – we’re taking measures to improve the sound quality).

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