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Episode 70 in English: Sharouh!

We had a wonderful guest for this episode named Sarah; her musician name is Sharouh.  Sarah grew up in France, and has a Tunisian-Greek Jewish background.  We talked about Sarah’s work as a musician these days in Madrid (where she now lives), as well as musicians who have inspired her.  We also talked about international work Sarah has been able to do, using music as a tool for cultural exchange and bridge-building.  It was so lovely connecting with Sarah and we hope you enjoy!

Listen to some tracks here:
Sharouh’s website:
Follow on Instagram @sharouh

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Episode 22 in Arabic: Interview with Tarek of Helem!

الحلقه ٢٢ بالعربي: مقابله مع طارق زيدان المدير التنفيذي في #جمعيه_حلم في #لبنان. تكلمنا مع طارق عن بداياته في النشاط الاجتماعي والحقوقي. نشاطات الجمعيه الحاليه و اوضاع #مجتمع_الميم في #لبنان.

Episode 22 in Arabic: An interview with Tarek Zeidan, the executive director of #Helem (a leading LGBT organization in Lebanon). We walked about Tarek’s experience with activism, Helem’s current activity, and the #LGBTQ community in #Lebanon.

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