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Episode 50 in English: Saudi Art Talk with Raneen!

It was so fun talking with Raneen, a Saudi art curator who has a lot to say about the art scene in Saudi Arabia! It was great learning about the evolution of art in Saudi Arabia over the recent years. Raneen has been passionate about art her whole life and you can hear that when she talks about curating. She’s an amazing woman and we are honored to have her on the podcast! Read more about Raneen here:

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Episode 49: Palestine, Poetry & Pokemon with Summer!

It’s February 1 and it’s cold! Summer is here to bring you some much-needed warmth with stunning poetry and lovely descriptions of her parents’ home in Palestine. Summer Farah is a writer who is studying English literature at Berkeley. During this episode, we also talked about gaming (mainly Pokemon) and the ways gaming can impact a person’s life in ways that we often forget. It was wonderful talking with Summer; we connected with her after hearing her episode on the podcast Ethnically Ambiguous. We enjoyed every moment of this beautiful episode, and we think you will too.

Here is a link to more info on Eli Rezik – Summer’s cousin – who she mentioned in the episode!

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