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Episode 20 in Arabic: Discussion on Pride with Fatima in Canada

الحلقه ٢٠ بالعربي: مقابله من فاطمه. ناشطه في مجال حقوق مجتمع الميم في #كندا. تكلمنا عن #شهر_الفخر و #احتفال_الفخر_العالمي و الجدل المثار حول موضوع #مسيره_الفخر في مقاطعه #البرتا في #كندا

Arabic Episode 20: an interview with Fatima. A #queer activist from #canada. We talked about the #pride month, #worldpride, and the controversy surrounding #pride in #Alberta #canada

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Episode 65 in English: Noon Festival, part 2: Meet Louna

Louna, co-founder of the space be’kech (a queer, Muslim, women-led community space in Berlin, Germany), joined us for this episode.  Be’kech combines the words “Berlin” and “Marrakech” to reflect the cities of origin of the co-founders (Louna’s roots are in Marrakech, Morocco and Nina’s are in Berlin).  We also talked about Noon Festival, which is happening in Berlin in that space until May 31.  We talked about be’kesh and the many beautiful ways it is utilized, and we discussed a project that Noon Festival is supporting.  The project is led by the organization Masjid al-Rabia, and it’s called Black and Pink Crescent.  The Chicago-based organization supports access to spiritual care and community to incarcerated queer and trans Muslims.  During our episode, we talked about the broken prison system in the U.S. and how the system affects mainly folks who have identities that are marginalized.

See more about Noon Festival:

Follow be’kech:

Read about Black and Pink Crescent: 

A thread mentioned at the end of the episode (please read this!!):

Mentioned in episode as well:
Hammam Talks cohosts: Rasha Hilwi & Abir Ghattas

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