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Episode 14 in Arabic: Photographer Munir Abdallah

. الحلقه ١٤ بالعربي: مقابله مع الفنان منير عبدالله. فنان فوتغرافي من لبنان

An interview with Munir Abdullah, a photographer from Lebanon.

To see his photography, click here
And here
To read more about Munir’s exhibition, check out this blog 
Here’s a video from a recent exhibition of “Fleeting Acts”

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Episode 46 in English: We are Sophisticated

Ellie and Alia ask each other questions for a get-to-know-you episode. Learn about Ellie’s trashy taste in books and Alia’s trashy taste in TV. On a more serious note, E & A talk about their families, a little about their upbringings, and more.

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