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Episode 107 [in English]: Stories that Move

Rolla Selbak is a Palestinian-American filmmaker, writer, and director whose work has pushed boundaries of representation for Arab, Muslim, and queer characters. Our delightful discussion included the unexpected beginnings of her film career, navigating pushback and censorship, building empathy through storytelling, and the importance of trash TV. 

Heads Up: Her latest project, CHOKE–about a rising MMA star hiding her refugee status and sexuality in a South Carolina town–is available for free streaming online! Also stay tuned for her upcoming film Finjan! 

Content Warning: discussion of film plots includes suicide

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Episode 48: We’re Raising a Camel with Tania Safi

We are incredibly honored and grateful to have talked with Tania Safi! Tania grew up in Sydney, Australia, and has done extensive work in media journalism internationally. Tania is a filmmaker; she was head of video for Buzzfeed Australia and then moved to Los Angeles, where she was the senior video producer for Bring Me and Buzzfeed Entertainment.

Nadia Khayrallah co-hosted this episode with us and we had a very fun and meaningful discussion. Tania Safi’s presence in the media has made us feel represented. It is not often that we get to see queer SWANA representation, and Tania has given that to us and to so many fellow queer SWANA people.

Tania has created such beautiful work including her film “Traub Laus” which earned a SIGNIS award and a United Nations Plural+ International award. You can watch the film here:

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