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Episode 6: A Unique Perspective to Challenge Our Thinking

We spoke with Catriona, a woman who is a new convert to Islam and has provided us with a very unique perspective. As a transgender woman, Catriona speaks about finding a mosque that is right for her and living her life as a devout Muslim.  Catriona gives us and listeners insight into her journey toward Islam. Both of us learned a lot and we found our own stereotypes and expectations challenged during this episode.

We recognize that not all Arabs are Muslim, and not all Muslims are Arab. So, although we’re called “The Queer Arabs,” we will sometimes venture outside of the Arab realm. We think it’s important to address topics that have overlaps/similarities with Arab-related stuff but we do not want to confine ourselves to only Arab topics. We hope that clears up any potential questions about this chosen topic! Thank you for listening.

Want to hear (well, read) more from Catriona?  Here is her blog that we said we could share here!

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