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Episode 38 in English: Actually Episode 666 w/ Your Favorite Cloud!

Last updated on December 2, 2018

Episode (38) 666!

(Bio and references are written by Anan)


Anan/Cloud is a queer trans angry Arab.

References in the podcast:

Best way to contact Anan: [email protected]

Instagram (note slide into the Dm’s and let them know that your there from the podcast also they reserve the right to deny your request): birthdaycakeandbombs


Mention of poems in Za’faraan Zine Issue 3 (Zine made by and for SWANA queers)

Episode 26 in English: Meet Elias! They’re Awesome. (They really are tho) Link:


Short mention of a video collaboration with artist Marval A Rex their website (cw nudity, dildos, blood etc )


Information about clouds:


Mention of Harvey Milk here is his bio:

(he also was specifically referring to like independent adults who were safe enough to come out, not vulnerable people and it is also not relevant to the SWANA region)


Reference to “suck my ass” a vine (shout out to Joseph for introducing me):


Reference to bottoms up/ devil laughs (I think I mentioned it if not whatever here yall go)(shout out to Joseph again):


The mention of Allah in the podcast (Allah translates to the god) is referring to the Islamic god (other faiths also use the term Allah to refer to their lord/ there is also a pre islamic deity which is a moon god by the same name) anyways here is a link to the 99 names:


*an alternative to using middle east; swana (south west Asian and north African) shout out to Edan and Pouneh for pointing out to me the issues revolved around the terminology and ways to refer to Africa)


A final note fuck cops: All police. Not only are pigs haram, but on a more serious note their may be good people but never good cops because of their job structure and having to enforce all laws including unjust ones, the harm and violence that police initiate is inexcusable.

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