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Episode 171 [in English]: Fadl Fakhouri


Fadl Fakhouri is a Palestinian-American visual and multidisciplinary artist, currently based in NYC and pursuing an MFA at Columbia University. Their work considers borders of the state, identity, and interpersonal relationships in an effort to undo their oppressive nature, and sometimes includes film, installation, performance, and rocks. 

Fadl joined us (in person!) to talk about pursuing art “seriously” after working in the medical field, their recent trip to Palestine, and their in-progress work “What the Fuck is Tel Aviv?” We also talked about contending with privilege and trauma in artmaking  and embracing problematic moments as part of the way to a better future.

IG: @fadlfakhouri


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Episode 112 [in English]: Bita Bell

Bita Bell is an international multimedia artist-activist working in contemporary dance, music, and film. Born in Iran and educated in Hong Kong and the United States, she creates audio-visual performative experiences that question contemporary issues. Just prior to the current lockdown, she was choreographing for the Russian feminist punk band PussyRiot’s US tour.

Bita joined us for a wonderful conversation on engaging audiences through interactive performance, maintaining mental health and creativity in quarantine, and what it means to belong to many places and none. Check out more of her work at

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