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Episode 179 [in English]: Mikey Amman

We wrapped up 2021 with a wonderful conversation with Mikey Amman, fellow Capricorn, who is working in higher ed; we talked about the importance of filling the roles of educators with people who will advocate for, and relate to, the students they serve.  We discussed the challenges of navigating that system as a queer Arab; we also touched on finding the balance between honoring our queerness and staying in touch with our cultures in meaningful, fulfilling ways.
Additionally, Mikey told us about the Britney fan group he started (the largest Facebook group for Britney fans!) and the community so many people still find within it.

(By the way, for any inquiring minds:  after this recording, Mikey found out he is a Leo moon!  Alia is a Sagittarius moon and Ellie is a Capricorn moon.)


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