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Episode 115 [in English]: Tarek Mohamed

Last updated on June 10, 2020

[Content warning: Instances of state violence in Egypt; general references to familial violence/abuse; general references to instances of suicide]


Tarek Mohamed is an Egyptian feminist and queer activist, scholar and writer.  He is working on his PhD in Anthropology, and is based between Egypt and the United States. 

During this episode, Tarek discussed how his activism grew from personal to public, highlighting 2010 as a year when many people in Egypt started to feel safe mobilizing visibly.

He also highlighted how leftist spaces, when led by cis herero men, are wrought with homophobia and misogyny. Tarek explores intersectionalities that are often under-examined, such as the relationship between masculinity and sectarianism. 

We discussed the revolution in Egypt in 2011 and its effects. Tarek also shared some personal experiences navigating his relationship as a queer person with his biological family (his father in particular). 

You will also hear about the book Tarek wrote, and about his current research, focusing on Egyptian activists in exile and diaspora.  Follow Tarek on Instagram at tarek.mostafa.salama!


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