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Episode 33 in English: Her Name is Samya

Samya Abu-Orf, Palestinian-American poet, joined us today for an epic episode.  Prepare yourself – the strength, the boldness, the directness, the humor, and the validation of our shared realities will leave you stunned in the best of ways.  We had a great conversation, and she was also generous in sharing several pieces during this episode.  We are thrilled to have this amazing woman on this podcast, and we can’t wait for you all to hear her power.

To connect with and/or follow Samya:

Instagram: samyaabuorf
Facebook: Samya Abu-Orf
Email: [email protected]

Samya referenced some poets she loves; here is the link to a piece by one of the poets she mentioned (Crystal Valentine – “Tempest”):

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Episode 32 in English: Meet Refael, Visual Artist in Israel

We have been following Rozen.Art on Instagram for quite awhile, and it was amazing to have a conversation with him on this episode! Refael is an artist in Israel who brings the queer MENA elements of his identity to the pieces in a powerful, gorgeous way.  Follow him on Instagram and/or Tumblr; his Tumblr is:

felix d’eon is the artist Refael mentioned who he’s inspired  by; his Instagram:

Gehennam is the visual novel Refael referred to:

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