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Episode 12: Conversation on Being Queer, a Refugee, and an Activist

Meet Kilian Colin, a beautiful human who never shies away from standing up for the right thing.  Kilian was born and raised in Iraq until their family had to flee to Syria.  Once in Syria, Kilian and their family waited for years before being able to resettle in a third country (the U.S.).  In this episode, Kilian describes their experience dealing with the various agencies, interviews, and the paperwork involved in the refugee resettlement process.  Kilian also describes being out as queer in Syria, as well as being an activist in Syria and in the United States.  We loved talking with Kilian and are very excited to share this episode with everyone.  Important additional note: as promised, we are posting pictures of their friendly, sweet, fluffy cat!  To get in touch with Kilian, you can contact their Facebook, or send us a message and we’ll make sure to relay the message to Kilian.

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Episode 11: DELETED

EDIT/Update: May 29th, 2018 Rab’ia has asked us to take down the photo and this podcast. We’ve decided to remove it entirely as we do not want anything to do with her.

EDIT/Update: May 26, 2018 – This now has a part 2. In short, we were lied to and used for publicity by a person who has a history of abusive behavior in minority spaces.  We now have an episode up about that with full details. However, in the the interest of full disclosure, we will be keeping the episode up but will be including a notice here and at the start of this episode as well as part two appended to this episode. We hope this prevents people from being abused and putting their trust in her in the future.

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