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Episode 175 [in English]: Queer Migrant Men Project

Pedro (project coordinator of The Love Tank’s London-based Queer Migrant Men Project) and Ali (volunteer with the project) joined us for this week’s episode!  The QMM project was developed in response to the wide information gap in London among migrants, causing difficulty accessing sexual health services.  When migrants don’t know the language, their rights, or about the free services available in the country, it becomes impossible for them to prevent and/or treat STIs and HIV. This is what inspired the decision to form the QMM project.  The project received funding by London Community Response this year, and now a small team of volunteers run the project by doing online outreach spreading sexual health information to QMM via dating apps.

In this episode, Pedro, originally from Brazil, and Ali, originally from Iraq, talked about their own experiences moving to London and having to navigate the healthcare system.  They also discussed the breakdown of stigmas that the QMM project aims to achieve, the importance of culturally-contextualized conversations about sexual health, what measures folks can take to manage their sexual health, and more.

QMM Project:

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Pictured:  Ali (left) & Pedro

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Episode 88: LebMASH!

LebMASH, the Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health, works to increase knowledge and resources surrounding sexual health and LGBTQI+ health.  Its board of directors are located in Lebanon, Canada, and the United States.

On Oct. 26, 2019, we (Nadia Khayrallah, Adam Elsayigh, and Alia) attended the LebMASH Halloween benefit party in NYC!  The three of us co-hosted what turned out to be a fun and informative episode.

Points touched on include:   Resources provided by LebMASH, education (on issues such as STDs) needing furtherance in the SWANA region, stigmas affecting access to healthcare, and more.  The Lebanese revolution comes up in both conversational context and on the dance floor.  We talk about varying audiences attached to different sources of media, and how subjects pertaining to political and societal issues in the SWANA region need to be approached with these factors in mind.  We also make profound statements during the later hours of the night such as, “Computers are the thing right now.”

We are grateful to Omar Fattal – one of the founders of the organization (you’ll hear from him on the episode) – for having us.  You’ll also hear from current LebMASH president Suha Ballout and from some folks who attended the party.

We had a great time recording this and can’t wait for you all to listen and to support this incredible organization.  Please follow @lebmashorg on IG, FB and Twitter. Read more about the org at

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