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Episode 87: Suck My Ass, Not My Dick

Times like these make us glad we aren’t on a network – we can title our episodes however the fuck we want.
This is a very short episode but it’s packed with information; Ellie shares what it has been like preparing for surgery.  She speaks very honestly on this episode, and anyone wishing to learn a bit about the process can do so with this episode.  You can reach out directly to Ellie with further questions or just to chat:
Insta – elliewantstoshitpost
Twitter – EllieQueerArabs

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Episode 78 in English: Ch-Ch-Changes

We (Ellie and Alia) talk about upcoming Yallapunk, all the changes going down in our lives this year, and more.  This is a relatively short episode but we touch on quite a bit.  Thank you all for listening; stay tuned soon for more on Yallapunk!

The article we talked about in part of the episode is here:

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