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Episode 16: Punk Rock Academia

Meet Amara!  We had a fantastic time with her on this episode.  We talked with her about her research of the Muslim punk scene and women’s mosques, and she told us about her experience of coming out as trans to her family – both her Mexican side and her Pakistani side.  We touched on the common issue with communal/family-oriented cultures: finding that balance between being oneself within the LGBT sphere while also maintaining that connection to family/culture.  Thank you for listening!  As mentioned on the episode, here’s her email address if you’d like to get in contact: [email protected]

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Episode 14: Happy Pride!

This week, we decided kind of last minute to do a fun, light-hearted episode instead of the episode we’d been planning to do (probably going to table that one for next Friday).  This week, since this episode drops on June 1, we talk about Pride!  We tell our fun stories from Pride festivals, and to end the episode, we each give our accounts about the first day we met each other.  It was a fun conversation and we kept it super casual and not planned out.  Next week will be a more serious and researched topic.  For now, though: Happy Pride to you!  If you live in a place without a Pride parade/festival, know that we are thinking about you and you’re never alone. 

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