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Episode 176 [in English]: Mariam Bazeed

Mariam Bazeed is a nonbinary Egyptian immigrant, writer, editor, spoken word artist, performer, and cook living in Brooklyn. An alliteration-leaning writer of prose, poetry, plays, and personal essays, Mariam received their MFA in Fiction from Hunter College. Their work in all genres is in print and online, and their plays have been presented in festivals in the U.S. and abroad.

Mariam joined us to talk about their start as an writer, their recent dive into poetry, reconnecting with family after extended separation, the joys and challenges of making personal work public, and writing bilingually for the first time. 

Their new English/Arabic play, written with Kamelya Omayma Youssef, Kilo Batra: In Death More Radiant, will be produced at the Arab American National Museum, in late 2021. They’re also currently working with visual artist Jacob Nader, on a hybrid book of images and poems, tentatively titled post-mortem family vacation.

IG:  putteraholic; cultofbazeed

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Episode 13: A Very Desi Episode

On this episode, we speak to Aditi, whose parents traded India for Indiana.  Aditi talks about growing up in the Midwest & her experience growing up American while being consistently exposed to Indian culture.  We covered many topics during this conversation, such as cultural appropriation (please make sure to listen to the intro of the episode!), gradual growth in diversity in makeup, communal cultures and how wonderful and also overwhelming that can be, and much more.  Aditi also talks about the cool work she is doing or will be doing in the near future!  Take a listen!  Below are links provided by Aditi related to what she touched on, as well as some additional awesomeness from her.  : (relaunching very soon)
A link of an article Aditi recently wrote for her friend Harps’s website here:
Aditi says, of the above article, “She did 21 days (starting March 21st which was World Down Syndrome Day) of a different article each day from someone like me writing about their life experience with a loved one with special needs. Harps is also Indian and trying to break down the stereotyping and misconceptions particularly within the South Asian/Indian community with regards to special needs and those with Downs. She also features people of non-South Asian/Indian descent of course. The above is my article on growing up with my awesome sister as my sister and the experience within our community.”
Also, here are two more links if anyone would like to read up more on both the trans community in India as a whole as well as India’s first openly gay prince which Aditi touched on in the episode.

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