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Episode 72: Don’t Be Chai, She Brought the Tea

Photo credit: Tarek Moukaddem
Contact: [email protected]
@tarekmoukaddem on Instagram

It’s hard to know where to begin with this episode description aside from the fact that this is an utter gem.  “Don’t Be Chai, She Brought the Tea” is the title Hilal (@thelebanesemafia on IG) came up with.  He got us together with the amazing Lebanese drag queen Emma Gration, and Omar Fattal was so kind and hosted us.  If you listened to Tarek Zeidan’s episode recently, you may recall him mentioning Emma Gration; Emma went to NYC for World Pride, and it was such a privilege to spend this time together.  Nadia Khayrallah joined us as a co-host.  We drank tea and ate snacks while Emma spilled the tea about the the drag scene in Beirut.  Nadia talked to vogue dancer Hoedy Saad on Emma’s phone.  Emma’s drag mother checked to make sure vegetables were part of Emma’s routine (such a good mom).  A LOT happened during this episode, as you can already tell; please listen and let us know what you think!  Sip that chai and enjoy.

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Episode 22 in Arabic: Interview with Tarek of Helem!

الحلقه ٢٢ بالعربي: مقابله مع طارق زيدان المدير التنفيذي في #جمعيه_حلم في #لبنان. تكلمنا مع طارق عن بداياته في النشاط الاجتماعي والحقوقي. نشاطات الجمعيه الحاليه و اوضاع #مجتمع_الميم في #لبنان.

Episode 22 in Arabic: An interview with Tarek Zeidan, the executive director of #Helem (a leading LGBT organization in Lebanon). We walked about Tarek’s experience with activism, Helem’s current activity, and the #LGBTQ community in #Lebanon.

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