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Episode 56 in English: You Be You!

During this episode, we got to talk to two of the wonderful people behind the children’s book You Be You! Explaining Gender, Love & Family.   We talked to the author of the book – Jonathan Branfman (pictured below) – and the translator of the Arabic version of the book, Aseel Houmsse.  We are very grateful to have a copy of the Arabic version of this important book, and we highly encourage everyone to check it out!  It is offered in many languages and more languages are expected to be added in the near future.  This book will help normalize the spectrum of gender and sexuality for children in their formative years.  We have been told from such a young age that there are only two genders and that there are very specific paths that each gender is “supposed” to take.  This book will help dispel these simplistic and incorrect explanations of humans; it can also be used as a tool for adults to learn how to understand gender and sexuality and how to pass that on to children.  Thank you to Jonathan, Aseel, all of the translators of the other languages this book is offered in, and illustrator Julie Benbassat!

You can find the book in many different languages on Amazon; here are the links for English and Arabic:

Get the book in English here:
The book in Arabic is here:
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