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Episode 22 in English: Ahmad Danny Ramadan!

Last updated on February 15, 2020

We were honored to have Ahmad Danny Ramadan as a guest!  Danny is a Syrian-Canadian novelist, public speaker, columnist, and queer refugee activist.  Danny is the author of the novel The Clothesline Swing, a beautiful tale with multiple interwoven narratives speaking to the queer refugee experiences (balancing individual voices with the shared identities that come from such experiences).  We thank Danny for his wonderful representation of, and contribution to, the MENA queer community.    Listen in to hear some of Danny’s story, as well as a special surprise that he reveals! Thank you all for listening.

Check out this wonderful writer’s website at:

Amazon link to book

And as Kilian promised, here is a link to Tinder.


  1. Teleute

    Great episode, all y’all are lovely! I picked up the book and am look forward to sitting down with it soon. You guys should to do a ‘book club’ episode talking about the book itself one day!

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