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Episode 108 [in English]: alQaws!

Last updated on April 25, 2020

We were thrilled to be joined by Haneen Maikey and Izzy Mustafa from alQaws for Sexual & Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society! We discussed building a politically queer grassroots movement in Palestine, connecting to queer Palestinians in diaspora, confronting Pinkwashing (a tactic of normalizing Israeli hegemony through images of queer-friendliness) both internationally and within Palestinian society, and the place of artistic expression in this movement.

Be sure to check out alQaws’s website to learn more about their history and ongoing projects. Stay tuned for another episode with alQaws in Arabic, coming soon!


  1. Melissa Mannis

    Thank you for discussing the mainstreaming of anti colonial queer feminist movement in Palestine. I’m wondering if Al Qaws and Queer Arabs can do an episode where AlQaws is sharing specific knowledge with community organizers in the u.s. and how we could make it mainstream here….Because given covid19, we have a window of opportunity to mainstream this kind of queer movement building specifically around a new feminist equitable economy etc….so eye opening and so important and significant that this is born from the intersectionality of Palestinian and Queer identity…above borders as Haneen said. I so respect your work.

  2. Sarah Schulman

    Fantastic update- moving the analysis forward as always – very beneficial to those of us thinking in solidarity. Great to hear Haneen’s evolving insights.

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