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Episode 159 [in English]: Brilliant Mind

Denmo Ibrahim, a first-generation Egyptian-American actor, writer, and entrepreneur, joined for this week’s episode.  We focused on her upcoming work, Brilliant Mind, which is a participatory digital experience that will be presented through Marin Theater Company.  In this work, the two main characters (siblings Dina and Yusef) learn of their estranged father’s death, they return to their childhood home to bury a man they never knew.  The story explores the bond that forms between the two siblings in navigating the grief, and the ways in which they get to know their father after his death.  Alia and Denmo both relate to this story in many ways, and the discussion about grieving the loss of an estranged parent was very affirming to get to have during this recording.

Visit Denmo’s website:

To buy tickets to Brilliant Mind – premiering May 18, 2021 and running until June 13, 2021 – visit 

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