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Episode 62 in English: Edmonton Pride – Why was it Canceled?

We got to talk with Fatima, living in Edmonton, who witnessed firsthand the issues that led to Edmonton Pride getting canceled.  This is a case of queer POC folks getting shut down and ignored, which is sadly something that happens way too often even within the queer population.  Queer people of color are already marginalized, and to be further marginalized by fellow queer people is incredibly isolating.  Because Edmonton Pride did not provide information on their website, and because the news sources that cover the situation do not specify what happened, the best sources are individuals – such as Fatima – who saw what happened.  We are so grateful to Fatima for stepping up and talking about this.  Please, please, please support 2 wonderful organizations that are tirelessly working to advocate alongside queer brown and indigenous folks:  Shades of Colour and RARICA Now!
Instagram handles: @shadesofcolouryeg,  @raricanow

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Episode 61: Saleem Haddad!

We are so incredibly grateful and excited that we have writer Saleem Haddad on our podcast!  This was an excellent discussion during which we talked about Saleem’s novel Guapa, some of his essays, and his latest work.  “Marco” is a short film that Saleem wrote and directed; it just premiered recently in Tunisia and the UK.  It’s a 20-minute film that carried the intellectual & emotional weight of a full-length film.  It’s powerful and will stay in your mind longterm.  Follow @marcoshortfilm on Instagram to stay updated on when and where you can see it.
During this episode, we also got to hear Saleem talk about the transition from living in London to living in the less bustling atmosphere of Lisbon.  If you have not read Guapa yet, please do.  Saleem’s essays (which you can find on his website) are also gorgeous.

Read more about Saleem & see several of his pieces here: is where you can check out the +100 series (and more); keep an eye out for the release of Palestine +100, which Saleem’s work will be a part of.

Follow Saleem Haddad on social media:
@salhad on Instagram
@sysh on Twitter

Follow @marcoshortfilm on Instagram as well.

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