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Episode 16: Punk Rock Academia

Meet Amara!  We had a fantastic time with her on this episode.  We talked with her about her research of the Muslim punk scene and women’s mosques, and she told us about her experience of coming out as trans to her family – both her Mexican side and her Pakistani side.  We touched on the common issue with communal/family-oriented cultures: finding that balance between being oneself within the LGBT sphere while also maintaining that connection to family/culture.  Thank you for listening!  As mentioned on the episode, here’s her email address if you’d like to get in contact: [email protected]

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Episode 15: Yemen in Recent Years

In this episode, we give an overview of what has been happening in Yemen regarding the Saudi-led coalition intervention & the genocide that has occurred due to everything that has been going on over the past 3 years or so.  As mentioned in the podcast, here is a documentary that we suggest as a resource to learn more:

Other resources are discussed in the episode.  Thank you for listening; let us know if you have feedback or clarifications you feel we need to make in the future.   We forgot to say all this in the episode at the end like we usually do, so: to contact us, get in touch with us via social media (FB, IG, or Twitter), or email us at [email protected]

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