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Queer Arab Art!

Ellie here: not podcast related but this cool as heck instagram account has some really great queer arab art by a queer arab celebrating queer arabs. Not ours stuff, just promoting it.

Also queer arabs. – and not safe for work or mom’s house.

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Episode 10: Vibrancy and Intersectionality

Our guest on this episode is the fabulous Naushaba Patel, a Pakistani American who embraces themself in a beautiful, genuine way.  We spoke about their navigation toward accepting every part of themself and living an honest life (as we can all relate to in various ways).  It was an absolutely lovely time with Naushaba.  Listen to this episode to hear about all of the important work Naushaba has been doing.  Pakistani and Arab cultures have many commonalities, and we discussed that too.  Thank you for listening, and thank you to Naushaba for being on our 10th episode (yay – we’re now in the double digits)!

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