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Episode 36: A Convo with our Northern Neighbors!

Pictured: Wayne, Carrie, and Anas

On this episode, we got to soak in the positive vibes from a wonderful couple in Canada!  We talked with Carrie and Wayne Broughton, who are the parents of a young trans activist, Tor.  We got to hear their perspective re: being parents of a trans son, and they talked about their local support group for parents of trans folks: TransParent Okanagan.  Thank you to the wonderful Anas for connecting us with some of his new family in Canada!

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Contact Carrie and Wayne at: [email protected]

TED Talk with Tor:


Episode 35: The Wonderful Mais and Salam of Denver!

Meet Mais!  She lives in Denver now, and is one of the co-founders of Salam of Denver, which is the first established queer SWANA group in Denver.  We had a beautiful conversation with Mais.  We talked about the group, the need for queer SWANA spaces, Mais’s experiences as an immigrant (she’s from Iraq and has also lived in Syria and Kuwait), and food.  She’s so easy to talk to, and is such a wonderful human being.  We think you’ll love her episode as much as we did.

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