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Episode 41 in English: We are Ethnically Ambiguous!

We had an incredible conversation with Anna Hossnieh and Shereen Lani Younes!  They’re the cohosts of the podcast Ethnically Ambiguous; Anna is Iranian-American and Shereen is Syrian-American.  This podcast played a big part in our decision to start a podcast of our own – it was inspiring to hear people podcasting who are so relatable to us.  During this episode, we talked about podcasting, how important it is for queer folks of our demographic to connect with and support each other, and more.  In addition to hearing Shereen and Anna on this episode, check out their podcast on your favorite podcast app or their website,!  You can also find them on Facebook, and on Twitter @ethnicallyamb & Instagram @ethnicallyambig. 

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Episode 12 in Arabic: Conversation with Artist Jadd Tank!

Arabic episode 12: an interview with Lebanese Artist Jadd Tank. We talked about art and living in Lebanon and New York.

الحلقه ١٢ بالعربي: مقابله مع الفنان جاد تانك. كلام عن #الفن و #لبنان و #نيويورك

As mentioned in the episode:

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