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Episode 1 in Arabic: Happy Pride!

أعزائنا المستمعين: انظموا إلينا الْيَوْمَ مع كليان واحمد في حلقتنا عن شهر الفخر. شهر الفخر هو الشهر الذي يحتفل به المجتمع المثلي ومتحول الجنس. نرجوا الاستماع الى الحلقه و مراسلتنا عبر البريد الالكتروني

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Episode 17: A Journalist in Cairo


Meet Allison Washington, a journalist living in Cairo.  We had an absolutely wonderful time talking with her.  During this episode, Allison speaks about what it is like for people on the queer spectrum in the Middle East, her writing, what brought her to Cairo (in addition to the plane) and more.  Allison’s writing is absolutely mesmerizing, compelling, and informative.  We were honored to have her on our podcast, and are thankful to our friend Marie who introduced us.  See her latest piece here about the roles police play in violence against trans women in the west and in the Middle East.

Here is the map that Allison referenced during her episode:

Please visit Allison’s website to learn more about Allison and her writing.

Please support Allison by donating a few dollars to her Patreon page.  This is a big part of how she makes a living.  Her page can be found here:

Also, find Allison on Facebook and Twitter.


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