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Episode 90 [in English]: Ellie Got Stitched

Ellie talks about her surgery and how recovery has been going!  Please note that there is some graphic content – listen at your discretion.

Feel free to directly reach out to Ellie with questions/comments on IG @elliewantstoshitpost or on Twitter @EllieQueerArabs.

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Episode 89 in English: La Gente Podcast!

Meet Ashley & Edgar, the co-hosts of La Gente Podcast!  Their podcast is a social and lifestyle podcast for POC by POC.  In this half hour, we covered a wide range of subjects.  We talked about unexpected aspects of podcasting that we’ve encountered (and the learning and unlearning that has come with that).  We touched on immigration-related policies and the damaging effects of separating families.  There is discussion about Pride and how its meaning has, in many ways, become distorted.  We even briefly talk about Mercury in retrograde and how that impacted our initial connectivity with one another.  It’s so good to be back after a month hiatus; we missed you all!  Check out La Gente Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, iHeart Radio and Podbean.  Follow them on Twitter and Instagram as well!  Check out their December 4 episode featuring Alia; Ellie will have her own episode with them at some point as well, so watch for that!

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