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Episode 4: Let’s Get Personal

Content warning: This episode includes a brief reference to abuse/assault; it also includes slightly graphic details re: the effects of mental issues.  If these topics will be emotionally difficult or harmful for you, we suggest you refrain from playing this episode.

On this episode, we discuss our dealings with mental imbalances, how those things have affected us, and the measures we’ve taken (and are still trying to take) to get through life with those cards we’ve been dealt.

We both share our coming out stories, and it gets pretty personal.  We found it pretty therapeutic to record this episode, and our hope is that some of the things we discuss will help listeners not feel alone; on the flipside, if these issues are unfamiliar to some of our listeners, we hope this sheds some light on what these experiences are like.

Thank you very much for listening; we went a little long on this episode (hint: keep listening after the outro music for a little bonus material).

Also, as promised, here’s the YouTube video we mentioned during the episode – she’s hilarious and fun, and will explain a reference we made (her entire channel is hilarious, on that note).

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