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We think their page caching is stuck which their support base says happens from time to time. It sucks but we’re seeing what we can do.  *EDIT: It’s now working!!*

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Episode 9: A Talk with an Egyptian Metalhead

This week, we spoke with Cherine!  Cherine talked with us about her experience growing up as a child of Egyptian immigrants in the United States.  Cherine also shared her experience being bisexual, and that got us talking about bisexual visibility and how the “B” in “LGBT” often gets overlooked.  We also spoke about mental health and the stigmas against the topic within many Middle Eastern cultures.  Oh, and Cherine gave us an idea of how into metal she is (listen to see how many CDs she has)!

Also, as mentioned in the episode, Against Me! is the band that we said we would post about here.  You can find them here:

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