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Episode 111 [in English]: Lisa Luxx!

Lisa Luxx is a queer poet, essayist and activist of mixed British Syrian heritage. Published in journals, newspapers and anthologies internationally including with publishers such as Hatchette and SAQI. Her work has been broadcast on BBC Radio 4, VICE TV and TEDx. Luxx was winner of Out-Spoken Prize for Performance Poetry and nominee for the Arts Foundation Fellowship in Poetry. Founder and host of The Sisterhood Salons, a feminist literary gathering. She splits her time between the English countryside and the city of Beirut. We were so excited to have her on the podcast to discuss and read some of her work! We talked about reclaiming lineage through storytelling as a mixed-race adopted person, the challenges of balancing authenticity and privacy in personal work, complicating simplistic “gratitude” narratives surrounding adoption and immigration in the media, the Beirut’s queer art scene, and more!

Follow Lisa on IG @luxxy_luxx
Twitter @lisaluxx_
Facebook page: Lisa Luxx

Photo credit: Maria Klenner

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Episode 25 in Arabic: AsexArab

Arabic Episode 25: An interview with Alaa Taha. Alaa is a Baghdad-based Iraqi Asexual activist who co-authored a book about asexuality and started a number of social media accounts bringing awareness to the topic.

حلقه ٢٥ بالعربي: مقابله مع الناشطة العراقية آلاء ياسين طه. تكلمنا عن مفهوم #اللاجنسيه و إوضاع #اللاجنسيين في العالم العربي. أيضا تكلمنا مع آلاء حول الكتاب الي تم تأليفه عن الموضوع و حسابات التعريف عن #اللاجنسيه على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي

الفديو ادناه تجدون تعريف وشرح مختصر وموجز عن #اللاجنسية ،  بعد مشاهدة الفديو اذا اردتم الاطلاع اكثر عنها فيمكنكم معرفة وقراءة المنشورات بحسب المجال الذي تودون الاطلاع عليه يرجى الضغط على ….



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