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Episode 143: CharCUTErie

For this episode, we’re inviting you to hang out with us at brunch, featuring charcuterie by Adam Elsayigh. Adam walks us through his journey as a charcuterie artist and his near-religious obsession with Trader Joe’s. Cristian joins us to talk about the queer scene in Puerto Rico and the struggles common in too-tight-knit queer communities in anywhere. We also analyze our personal tendencies with giving, receiving, and seeking out compliments and criticism on our work. This one’s a bit of a mixed plate, but it just might suit your taste.









Here is a tour of Adam’s charcuterie journey:

September 2019:

January 2020:

August 2020:

December 2020:

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Episode 44 in English: Pray the Gay Away with the Zakar Twins!

We had so much fun hanging out with the Zakar twins while they were in town on tour! Zach and Michael are Iraqi-American queer activists and writers. They use their voices to bring much-needed queer Arab representation to the media! We had a wonderful conversation with them, and that same day, we loved going to see them on their tour with A Drag Queen Christmas. They’ve been touring around the U.S. with some of the RuPaul queens and promoting their book, Pray the Gay Away []. It meant a lot to us that they took the time out of their incredibly packed schedule to come and talk to us. We became instant family – it’s the Arab way. Look out for an Off-Broadway play of Pray the Gay Away in 2019!

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