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Episode 157 [in English]: The Kingdom’s Sandcastle

Luai Qubain is an author and engineer born and raised in Jordan and currently based in Denver. His book The Kingdom’s Sandcastle revisits his experiences as a young man in Jordan hiding his sexuality, losing his mother, and surviving an abusive relationship. Luai recalled the challenges of writing and reliving trauma, and why he felt compelled to do so. He also discussed the particular risks of relationship abuse within heavily persecuted queer communities. We also talk about the various groups of visitors in Jordan – including study abroad bros and vacationing Saudis – and the densely-packed cultural diversity of the SWANA region overall. The book is incredibly moving – you can find it on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble – and stay tuned for the sequel!



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Episode 142 [in English]: Ridikkuluz

RIDIKKULUZ  (aka Samer) is a Jordanian-American artist (with Egyptian, Palestinian, and Syrian roots) visualizing identity through painting, sculpture, performance, and video. He is also part of the NYC ballroom scene, as a member of House of Xtravaganza. 

This episode was recorded from Samer’s apartment, where he showed us some of his artwork and talked about finding ballroom/vogue as part of gaining confidence in visible queerness. He mentioned how his cultural upbringing, with an emphasis on knowing one’s history and predecessors, has translated into seeking out queer community and mentors. 

We also discussed whether we believe in accidents, ghosts, horoscopes, and personality assessments. It was a good time.

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