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Episode 144 [in English]: Land Back

Aram Ronaldo is a Palestinian-American organizer invested in anti-colonial land justice across geographies.  They joined us to discuss solidarity organizing between Indigenous, Black, and Palestinian movements, and the duality of being both displaced people and settlers. 

They discuss their current project, The Lalime Ohlone Transfer Project, which involves transferring their family business’s land to the Sogorea Te’ Land Trust,* the Bay Area’s prominent Indigenous women-led community organization. 

We also talked about their first time visiting Palestine, the foods that keep us connected to our cultures, the importance of imagination in activist/organizing work, the origins of “philistine” as an insult, and more. 

*For listeners in the East Bay, we recommend checking out the Sogorea Te’ Land Trust’s Shuumi Land Tax, which offers several ways to support the rematriation of land to Indigenous people.

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Episode 138: F*ck Marry Kill

This week we have a personal catch-up episode with Ellie, Alia and Nadia. We discuss Ellie’s one-year-anniversary since surgery, Nadia’s gender feelings surfacing in quarantine, bizarre barriers to entry in every job market, and where we want to take this podcast next (hit us up if you’re a SWANA person in Latin America, a QPOC gamer, or anyone else who wants to chat). 

We also talked about how we maintained our mental health during election night (it involved reenacting the Mean Girls script and playing Marry/Fuck/Kill instead of checking stats). If you want to join in on our questionable entertainment, comment with your M/F/K picks for Edward Said, Judith Butler, and Michel Foucault.

(No theorists were harmed in the making of this episode.)



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