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Episode 171 [in English]: Fadl Fakhouri


Fadl Fakhouri is a Palestinian-American visual and multidisciplinary artist, currently based in NYC and pursuing an MFA at Columbia University. Their work considers borders of the state, identity, and interpersonal relationships in an effort to undo their oppressive nature, and sometimes includes film, installation, performance, and rocks. 

Fadl joined us (in person!) to talk about pursuing art “seriously” after working in the medical field, their recent trip to Palestine, and their in-progress work “What the Fuck is Tel Aviv?” We also talked about contending with privilege and trauma in artmaking  and embracing problematic moments as part of the way to a better future.

IG: @fadlfakhouri


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Episode 169 [in English]: Savage Tongues

Alia and Nebal (thank you Nebal for guest co-hosting!) got to talk to author Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi about her newly released novel Savage Tongues!  The novel examines gender constructs in Islam and the West, and the intersections of sexual desire and violence amidst the ongoing subjugation of the Middle East to imperialism. In the book, she argues for queer intellectual exchange and female friendship as alternative structures to oppose patriarchy, heteronormativity, and the imposed religious, racial, and ethnic homogeneity of nationalism.

In addition to talking about the novel itself, we discussed shared experiences navigating coming from a mixed background, particularly with identities that are often seen as enemies.  We also talked about pinkwashing, queerness, the power of female friendships, and more.  It was a pleasure to speak with Azareen, and we encourage you all to get your hands on the novel!  Happy reading! 


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