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Episode 105 [in English]: Nafs Space

Hello everyone!  Our love goes out to you all during this difficult time.  This episode features the wonderful Andrew who created a space for queer SWANA artists:  Andrew grew up in Denmark with his parents (who are from Egypt), and now lives in London.  In this episode, we discuss the importance of queer SWANA spaces, the lack of international awareness of the issue of racism in Denmark, the formulation of Nafs Space, and more.  In Arabic, “nafs” means the self, the ego, the soul.

Please visit the website, and follow on IG!

Thank you to Tania Safi for suggesting this episode. 🙂

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Episode 104 [in English]: Za’faraan

We spoke to Layle and Kayan who run the online zine Zafaraan Collective!  Check out the website to see all of the issues:

This space serves as a queer collective of SWANA art; please reach out to Kayan and Layle at [email protected] if you’d like to submit a piece.  This is the email address with which to donate to their PayPal account as well.

Please follow them on their Facebook page  and @zafaraan_collective on Instagram.

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