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Episode 53 in English: She He Me

Raphael Khouri, a playwright who lives in Germany, is in Vienna at the moment for their play, She He Me, to be shown at the Kosmos Theater!  The Jordanian playwright is bringing such important queer (specifically trans) Arab representation to theater.  It was truly an honor to talk to Raphael, and we love the work they’re doing.  Thank you all for listening!  To get in touch with Raphael, you can email them at [email protected] and/or connect with them on Facebook (Raphaël Aimé Khouri) and Instagram @raphael_khouri.

The play will be performed from March 1 to March 16!

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Episode 13 in Arabic: Meet Egyptian Playwright Adam!

.الحلقه ١٣ بالعربي: مقابله مع ادم. كاتب مسرحي شاب من مصر. كلام حول المسرح و الأدب و الكوميديا

Arabic episode 13: An interview with Adam. An Egyptian playwright.

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