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Episode 76 in English: This Is Lit.

Leslie Gray joined us for this episode to discuss many enlightening topics (we’re shameless about our light puns).  The reason for the light puns is because Leslie is involved in theater, and he operates the lighting equipment during productions.  We talked about that during this episode, along with the time he spent at NYU Abu Dhabi as a student.  He also discussed his research and the mixed implications of visibility in the context of Pride or other externally accessible queer spaces.  Leslie talked about the privilege that comes with the ability to be visible, and discusses how the model of Pride in the western context does not necessarily translate into a beneficial model in settings elsewhere.  On the flipside of that, he discusses the pros of being visible and how that can aid in furthering goals politically.  Enjoy this bright episode, and enjoy hearing Nadia co-host with us!

Follow Leslie on IG @lesthegray; he’s also on Facebook (Leslie Gray).
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