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Episode 68 in English: Gems of New York City

We got to talk to the absolutely incredible comedians Eman El-Husseini and Jess Salomon!  As their website says, it’s most likely hummus that brings them together.  Eman (who’s Palestinian) and Jess (who’s Jewish) joined us to talk about how they met, their comedy both in Canada and the U.S., and their lives in New York City.  They also have gorgeous comics that are illustrated by the talented Jesse Brown; you can get more slice-of-life glimpses into the couple’s daily adventures together.  You will probably find yourself laughing during this episode, not surprisingly!  We were also thrilled to have our guest co-host (she has been a guest on an episode, as well as a guest co-host on other episodes), Nadia Khayrallah.  It is thanks to Nadia that we got connected with Jess and Eman.  Listen to the episode to hear how that happened!

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Dance competition mentioned: Dancify That

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As promised, here is the Halloween photo mentioned in the episode – it goes above and beyond what we could have even hoped for.

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Episode 37 in English: Mark for Redaction!

This episode was recorded during the weekend we went to NYC for Mark for Redaction at Flux Factory.  This is a queer MENA art exhibit that we got to experience.  Join us for a slice of the beautiful surroundings we found ourselves in.  The art brought us all together and we all felt so understood and the deepest sense of belonging.  We are honored to have been part of something this profound and meaningful.  Please check this event out in person if you are in NYC this weekend!

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