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Episode 156 [in English]: Lena Harbali

Lena Harbali is an LA-based Syrian-American multidisciplinary artist working in fashion, writing, music, visual art, and more. Lena discusses how growing up in various places – Michigan, Belgium, and Japan – shaped her perspective on the world. She recounts her journey into designing, and eventually modeling, with the goal of making fashion for all body types and gender expressions. She also talks about recording her recent EP, embracing her voice, and releasing the throat chakra. We discuss how art can at once be a form of expression and something to hide behind – and learning to share ourselves more directly with the world. 

Lena’s new fashion line Queens Armor comes out on April 30th – be sure to check it out!
Follow @lenaharbali on IG; check out her website here:
Dress @harbalicouture
Model @lenaharbalimodel
Photo @madelynnefarinellaphoto
MUA @makeupbymiarai

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Episode 31 in English: Coptic Babe Coptic Dyke!

This episode, we spoke to artist Caitlin (KT) who is Coptic Egyptian-Irish, and is a total badass who is creating space for the mixed identity.  We talked about being mixed and having parents from two different parts of the world; we also talked about KT’s art and what is inspiring her pieces.   This episode means a lot because the experience of being mixed does not get highlighted as its own identity very often.

An upcoming exhibit where people can see the piece Coptic Babe Coptic Dyke will be at Mark for Redaction in New York, which details can be found for here:

We’ll add the details for another upcoming exhibit/workshop that KT mentioned here shortly!

You can contact KT at [email protected] or follow her on Instagram (check our Instagram post for her handle).

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