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Episode 80 in English: Yallapunk 2019

It’s that time of year again!  This episode is from the Yallapunk festival (year 3).  The episode features some of this year’s Yallapunk participants/attendees:

Phil and Nadim, the Lebanese-Canadian electronic duo Wake Island
IG: wakeislandmusic
Phil and Nadim talk about the tour they’re currently on, the set they had for Yallapunk, and the importance of touring in regions of the world that are often overlooked.

Miriam Hakim, solo singer/guitarist, and singer of the punk band Giant Kitty
Listen on: Bandcamp iTunes Spotify
IG: giantkittyband, kuzbaramusic
Miriam brought up Giant Kitty’s part in the upcoming film “Acid Test”, talked about a solo project she is working on currently, and more.
PC: M Villegas Photography

Leila Mire & Nadia Khayrallah, dancers and choreographers who performed their piece Arab-Fucking-Esque: Not Your Sexy Harem Girls
Nadia’s website:
Leila’s website:
IG: leila.mire, nadiainherownworld
This part of the episode includes a description/explanation of the piece as well as a recording from the talkback that happened right after the piece.  The piece is a critique of/reflection on the orientalism present in the Nutcracker as well as other dance contexts.
PC: Mandee Garcia

Nebal Maysaud, Composer
IG: postrhythmic_arabesque
Nebal presented a workshop titled, “Using Art to Decolonize Our History”, during which they spoke about the power of art as a tool for reclaiming that which has been culturally appropriated throughout history.  They shared input on how we as SWANA artists can – at whatever pace we need to – develop and learn with the resources that are present.
Decolonized Arabesques:
Support Nebal on Patreon:

Noura Ballout, visual artist, curator, and entrepreneur
IG: nouraballout
Noura is the founder of Habibi House, a studio & residency space located in Detroit.  They were at the Yallapunk vendor fair (the Yalla Bye shirt was a big hit among attendees!), and they talked on this episode about the significance of wearing something that makes one’s background known, as well as about the work they do in Detroit and in other parts of the country.

Visit to see the full schedule of the incredible people who shared their work throughout the weekend.

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