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Episode 190: Where Do Flat Earthers Think the Edge Is?

Photo attribution:
Trekky0623, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Just the hosts this week here with an unedited personal catch-up episode (Do y’all like these? Let us know!) 

Ellie talks about getting COVID (finally) and lots of things wrong with the world: from the overturning of Roe v. Wade to Mohammed Bin Salman’s continued financial takeover of the video game industry (this leads to a conversation about which countries are the best at glossing over shit, and we wonder if we’re all in a Dubai-based replica of our lives). 

Nadia talks about their time in Turkey and Lebanon, and how time functions differently off the New York grid. They also talk about previous projects they were working on, including immortal jellyfish, “Gawd” as a middle manager, and dabke at pride.

Alia discusses leaving a “queer” orchestra group due to transphobia and unchecked white privilege among leadership, and finding other music opportunities. She also talks about her trip to London following a death in the family. 

We all talk about being deeply burnt out – which is one reason we’re not publishing as much lately – but it is good to be back!

(By the way, just a cute little update: 3 days after recording this, Alia tested positive for COVID.)

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Episode 152: Mloukhiyyé

Mloukhiyyé is a Beirut-based artist working with pixel art, text, video games, drag and more! They discussed their past and future projects, including illustrations of performers in and around the Lebanese drag scene, video games that reflect social and environmental issues, an illustrated book about Lebanese queer slang, and a piece involving Tatreez and Lebanese herbs. 

We also talked about their journey into queer identity, why they chose the mloukhiyye leaf as their namesake, pronouns in Arabic, misogyny and homophobia within gaming circles, why queer people like Animal Crossing, and more!

Shoutout to some of the artists and organizations mentioned in this episode:








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