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Episode 86 in English: Salon Al-Mahjar

Salon Al-Mahjar in NYC is a safe space for artists to collaborate and share their work.  This recording is from the sixth salon; artists who consented to being recorded are included on this.  The episode consists of clips of what the artists brought to this open mic, as well as a few conversations with people during the intermission.

The artists featured are as follows; while crediting is important, so is privacy.  Artists who have written back to me with permission to use their full names will be listed as such; otherwise, first names will be used.  Some of the social accounts are listed as well.  If you would like to contact Sara or Jenna, please reach out to us and we will do our best to make the connection necessary with respect to their comfort.

Reem Ramadan (music)  @reemouss
Sara (poetry)
Marwa Morgan (music) @marwamorgan
Zahra (music)
Jenna (music)
Mark Balahadia (music)  @balahadiamark
Je’Jae Cleopatra (poetry)  @mx.enigma
Bashar Makhay (music)  @fursafarfasha

Nadia Khayrallah danced (Alia got to improv along with her on violin), but sadly podcasting is not a great medium for dance!  Follow @nadiainherownworld to see some of her work.

Je’Jae & Sofia aka @flowrpunkk shared a meaningful tradition for Rosh Hashanah, which fell on the same day as the salon.

We also had an Alia-squared moment:  Alia met a fellow Alia!  You’ll hear from her on this episode as well. Insta handles are @alia.ajnabia and her DJ account which is @djmansafmama

Hilal, aka The Lebanese Mafia @thelebanesemafia, and Reem Ramadan put this beautiful salon together.

To quote the organizers’ description:

“Salon Al-Mahjar صالون المهجر is an open mic for immigrant, queer, trans, and allied artists, actors, writers, storytellers, activists, feminists, dancers, singers, musicians, poets, thinkers, teachers, and historians from the West Asian and North African diaspora.

We gather to celebrate each other’s voices, exchange ideas, engage in each other’s passions, counteract censorship, promote and support each other, give and receive constructive feedback, and challenge what may be considered inappropriate “ayb” عيب or “haram” حرام.”

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Episode 85 in English: Heels that Heal

Our featured guest of this episode is a mover in every sense of the word!  Anthony Nakhle, a professional dancer from Beirut and a world traveler, came on to talk to us.  It was an incredible honor; we (fellow dancer/choreographer, Nadia Khayrallah + Alia) got to discuss what makes Anthony most excited about his work, the training and dedication that has led him to this stage of his life, and more.

Anthony began his training at Caracalla Dance School in Lebanon; he now teaches and performs in Lebanon and around the world.  To touch on just a couple of the many highlights of his career, Anthony reached the semi-finals of So You Think You Can Dance Middle East, and he recently spent a year in Las Vegas in Cirque du Soleil – Zumanity.  Anthony frequently works and travels with Yanis Marshall, French dancer & choreographer.  Both Yanis and Anthony specialize in heels dancing/choreo.

Thank you to Nadia for coming up with the perfect title for this episode!

The best way to follow Anthony:
Check out his Instagram @anthonynakhle9

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