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Episode 98 [in English]: Cup 2 of Insecuri-Tea

This is part two of a two-part episode serving you some insecuri-tea!  During this portion, we (Nadia Khayrallah, Adam Elsayigh, and Alia) talk about our feelings regarding dating apps.  Naturally, this leads into the discussion of app-based (and other ways of) Arabic learning.

Credit goes to Nadia for the episode name!

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Episode 71 in English: Ellia, Ellie & Alia

Ellia visited Houston for the Pride parade, so we talked about our impressions of it: what was good and what has gone bad.  We discussed the corporate focus of the parade and how that affects the essence of what Pride should be about.   Ellia also gave some information about the limits in Arabic that exist when talking about inclusive queer terminology. This episode was done in 2 parts (one on June 23 and the other July 2); during the second half of the episode, Ellia and Alia talked about Tarab NYC and about World Pride in NYC.

Ellia can be reached @ellia.ali on Instagram; we also highly encourage you to follow @tarabnycorg on Instagram.  You can also find Tarab NYC on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you all for listening!

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